“About Me” Meet Genesis Gutierrez

Genesis Gutierrez is a recent UCLA grad majoring in International Development Studies. She was born in Caracas, Venezuela but raised in Orlando, Florida when her family immigrated seeking asylum. Both parents are entrepreneurs, her brother is a software engineer at ROBLOX, and her other brother owns an e-commerce fitness apparel company.

Over the course of her undergraduate career, Genesis got her real estate license when she was 18 years old. She has then worked in residential sales, co-living, student housing and property management from Beverly Hills to the High Desert. As time went on, she realized this wasn’t what she wanted to do with her career and started exploring other options.

When Genesis started her educational journey, she had graduated high school with a 2.8 GPA and had over 100 absences. She didn’t apply to college straight out of high school or prepared for anything remotely. In fact she was very discouraged to go to school and didn’t want pursue higher education. Instead she took a gap year. Once her gap year was over she enrolled in her local community college where she started understand the value of education. She received help from mentors, professors and guidance counselors while competing for the college’s cross country team. At the end, Genesis received 3 Associates degrees with college acceptances from UCLA, Berkeley, UC Irvine, UC Santa Barbara, UC Riverside and USC. Ultimately she choose to go to UCLA.

Overtime, this led to Genesis become a peer mentor herself, and has helped over 2,000 high school understand the community college path. She was apart of CCCP (Center for Community Colleges partnership) an academic program whose mission is to increase the academic preparation and competitiveness for community college transfer students and high school students, particularly those who are first generation, low-income or historically underrepresented.

Once Genesis transferred, she noticed a very normal pattern among her classmates. She found a lot of them were depressed, pressured and worried about their future, often causing them to not want to do anything with a complete burnout. Many were applying to graduate programs trying to avoid the workforce, while others went back home depressed without little motivation to keep going. Amongst a global pandemic, job offers were lost and many of her friends found themselves without many options post graduation. Over time, she realized how crucial it is for one to take care of themselves and their mental health. Something she saw her classmates not do, which led them to being in a dark place.

The result of this was starting her own blog focusing on self development; motivation. Ever since starting her blog, it has been featured on HigherEdJobs, HigherEd360, Yahoo Finance and GoBankingRates. She’s knowledgeable in WordPress, SEO, Email Marketing funnels, CRM, HTML, Woocommerce, Shopify and Pinterest Marketing using tools like Canva and Adobe Photoshop. Some Topics featured in the blog are: Workout motivation, College Burnout, How to get out of a rut and establishing a morning routine. 

Post Graduation, Genesis plans on completing her personal training as she is already a certified yoga instructor. One of the core values of MySevenSouls is maintaining an active lifestyle to live a healthier life. She hopes to grow MySevenSouls with a larger online presence, captivating readers and educating them into having a more balanced lifestyle while taking care of their mental health.

Although unsure of which Masters Program she would like to go towards, it’s leading towards Education, Human Development, Psychology and Motivation/Wellness.

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