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11 Healing Crystals for Motivation —How to manifest them properly?

People struggle with motivation all the time. The constant disappointment in your life can be overwhelming. A negative mindset can consume you with thoughts out of your control, mental exhaustion, and stress.

While zero-motivation days are mentally challenging, they also physically push us behind our schedule, goals, health, and orientation. 

Motivation isn’t something that will be there everyday; it comes with youth and washes away with a bad taste. We are left to wonder how to overcome this continuous phase of demotivation and to keep going.

Well, fortunately, humans can manifest anything that they would like into their life. Factors of health, wealth, and of course, the much-needed determination can be achieved if you put your mind to it. One old school way to acquire this is using crystals for motivation. 

Healing crystals are the organic ornaments of the earth, widely used to assist the soul and bodily health. Crystals have a similar aura and essence to nature because they are extracted from stones found deep within the earth’s crust. 

These healing crystals transfer a placebo effect—conditioning psychological and sometimes even physiological reactions towards a problem without any scientific or non-active treatment. 

Psychological changes caused by healing crystals are usually positive and manifest an optimistic approach towards life—these may include relieving stress, uplifting mood, boosting low energy, psyching blocked aura, etc.  

Although the scientific evidence isn’t all there, some individuals have witnessed these crystals heal physical pain through psychological changes.

It’s almost magical and spiritual—their benefits are beyond human comprehension. 

If you haven’t witnessed the effects of these crystal stones and their energy to manifest dedication and positive aura, we have reviewed 9 Astounding Healing crystals for motivation, their advantages, and credibility. 

1. Carnelian—the stone of motivation, creativity, and vitality

The first on the list of crystals for motivation. Covered in warm yellow-golden colors. Carnelian is the crystal widely known for warmness and movement.

The positive enforcement of vitality increases energy and the resolution to proceed with deadlines, creative notions, and relationships. 

  • Color characteristics: Carnelian has the shades of yellow, orange, and red. 
  • Energy stimulation through chakra: The stone aligns with your Sacral Chakra—responsible for sex drive, creativity, and buoyancy. 
  • Sourced from: The crystal was first found in Bengal, India. The traces were next discovered in South Africa, Romania, the USA, etc.

Carnelian is amongst the most affordable stones out there and can be used as jewelry—bracelets, anklets, neckpieces, or simply as decor in the house decor with incense candles.

My favorite necklace can be found here on Amazon.

Carnelian benefits: By stimulating the sacral chakra, Carnelian stone drives fire and passion, which helps push you through slump and procrastination.

When to use the gemstone: Low energies often get us stuck or monumental; this stone bestows us with movement. The manoeuvre helps us to get back on the much-needed exercise schedule, creative seizures, sex drive, etc. 

2. Blue Apatite—The ocean stone for positive manifestation and inspiration

blue apatite crystals

Blessed with the deep ocean nuance, blue apatite is the gemstone for ambition, encouragement, and life balance. We feel diverted, lost, and confused throughout the course of our lifetime. Blue apatite helps us balance life and spiritually awakens the positivity of the yin-yang symbol. 

The concept of yin-yang emphasizes the values of light and dark together. It stabilizes the balance and importance of both together. 

  • Color characteristics: The stone has a deep blue color with creeks of green. It visualizes and symbolizes the ocean—deep, wild, and yet peaceful. 
  • Energy stimulation through throat chakra: Blue apatite unlocks throat chakra and helps you voice your wavering heart. 
  • It’s sourced from Myanmar, Brazil, South Africa, etc. 

Blue apatite’s benefits: This gemstone helps your voice self-expression and increases confidence and inspiration by enhancing the throat chakra. It also brings motivation and envisions to your confused mind and soul. 

When to use the gem? Use this crystal for motivation when you feel lost, diverted in life decisions, and confused. It can be your career choices, partner’s choices, school balance, or any of the big decisions. It will bring peace and self-awareness.

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3. Tiger’s eye—the stone of fierce energy and willpower 

tiger's eye crystal

Tiger’s eye shadows the ardent nature of the mighty tiger.

Life’s always so unpredictable and sometimes even scary. We never know what can happen to us. When you lose the courage to face difficulties, and it’s intimidating to take the next step.

A tiger’s eye will manifest courage and help you win over life’s challenges. This is a great choice if you’re looking for crystals for motivation.

  • Color characteristics: The stone has glorious straps of golden-yellow, dark shades of brown, and sometimes, the tints of rare black and red. 
  • Chakra: Tiger’s eye is associated with the root chakra. It acts as the center root for emotional, physiological, physical, and spiritual balance. 
  • It’s sourced from South Africa, Australia, etc. 

Tiger’s eye benefits: The gemstone is known as the stone of survival and reflects the feral instincts of our nature. Like the animal, the tiger’s eye is peaceful like mother earth and still fierce upon instincts. It breaks through shyness, tiredness, and lethargy and helps you concentrate on the work at hand.

When to use tiger’s eye: Use tiger’s eye stone whenever you’re making new decisions. It will bring you willpower and courage to keep going.

I use these Tiger Eyes shaped hearts to put in my car. 

4. Garnet—The gemstone of commitment

Motivation is a healthy characteristic to approach a happy and vibrant life. However, motivation is never enough to keep going. That’s where Garnet stone comes in handy. The stone brings willpower, ignition, and fire. It pushes you through bad times where you don’t feel like you’re enough.

Garnet is a stone to set off your commitments and help you with your goals. It promotes creativity, motivation, and self-acknowledgment. All in all, the stone brings out positive discipline.

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  • Color characteristics: It has a color combination of highly pigmented red, black, and reddish-brown tones—it’s well known as a look-alike of the fruit pomegranate
  • Garnet stone aligns with the root and heart chakra: It boosts dedication, balance, and emotions. At the same time, it expresses passion, compassion, and self-love within. 

When to use the gemstone? Use garnet when you are stuck in a rut or lack the motivation to keep going. 

5. Amethyst 

amethyst healing crystal

Residing its power within the crown and third eye chakra, this gemstone is for wisdom, learning, and unfoldings. It brings meaning and contentment to your life without a validating purpose. The stone calms your mind and projects the real value and essence of life. 

It soothes your mind and shifts your soul towards your true identity and purpose. It can be intense.

While dissapointments in your life kills your excitement, the Amethyst stone will bring you towards absurdism—alightment without any purpose and purpose satisfaction without any intention. 

  • Color characteristics: Amethyst’s color is just as divine—it’s a contrast of beautiful purple, lavender, and violet shades. It shines spiritually and looks very soul-uplifting. 
  • Chakra: It aligns to crown chakra and third eye chakra. Both are known for awakening spiritualism and wisdom. The crown chakra connects you to the universe and beyond, opening profound gates of the unknown. 
  • Sourced from Brazil, etc.

How does Amethyst help? It makes you believe in yourself and your project. It brings meaning and life to your projects and passion. While other stones bring mobility, Amethyst promotes enlightenment and rearrangement of thoughts. I use this amethyst healing tree in my room for positive energy.

When to use it: Use it when you feel worthless, have lost faith in yourself, life, and your goals. It calms your nerve-wracking mind and helps you move forward. 

6. Citrine

Citrine has the colors of the sun—shades of golden-yellow, orange, and honey brown. It has a similar structure to that of the diamond, but shines like a golden sun crystal. 

Citrine is for radiance, youthful happiness, and a positive aura—these three, when combined together, build unstoppable motivation and dedication towards your goal.

Citrine focuses on the value of the specific objective brought in your life rather than the definite purpose. In simpler terms, it values the journey and energizes you to reach your goal. 

  • Color Characteristics: Like the diamond sun, Citrine has beautiful, pigmented hues of gold, yellow, and orange. It can be used as a polished stone or in its raw state. Its crystal state is majestic.
  • Chakra: Citrine chakra links with your solar plexus and crown chakra. It emphasizes physical strength and its importance, along with wisdom and intelligence. 

What does Citrine do? When you drive motivation from the difficult yet joyous journey and not the definite goal, it flourishes throughout the path. Every small step towards the goal should be appreciated to manifest willingness for the end destined plan, and Citrine crystal acquires that appreciation. Get your favorite citrine crystals for motivation here. 

When to use it? Citrine boosts happiness and contentment. Use the stone when you are mentally upset, down, or unhappy. It will lift your soul and bring joy within. 

7. Selenite—the angel crystal

Colored translucent white, Selenite is the stone for progression and clearance. It’s known to be the angel stone for its appearance and manifestation. The multifaceted crystal is widely used for energy enhancement—there’s a soothing flow of peace and vivacity with Selenite. 

This peace, calm, and whole clears up your headspace and increases motivation and creativity. 

  • Color characteristics: Milky white hues with creeks of light yellow. 
  • Chakra: It’s linked with the crown chakra and heart chakra, thus manifesting mindfulness, peaceful energy, and intelligence. It also blossoms love and compassion. 
  • It’s sourced from Mexico.

Selenite was named after the Greek goddess of the moon, Selene. It fills us with the energy of the moon—wild, fearless, soothing, solidarity, yet beautiful.

When to use the stone? Selenite opens up your crown chakra, leading to enlightenment and unfoldings. When you are confused or agitated, use this stone. It’s also widely used to resurface energy and rewind the soul. 

You can get this beautiful selenite tower here for your home decor. 

8. Calcite—the crystal for emotional/intelligence balance. 

The war between mind and soul/heart is permanently exhausting. If you are always stuck between deciding which one to choose, calcite gemstone will guide you through it. It balances your hazy thoughts and helps you decide the best intermediate between the two bridges. 

Calcite gemstone symbolizes the importance of practical approaches. However, it also believes in emotional interference and the balance between the two.

For instance, if you are stuck between choosing your office job or starting a new business, Calcite will help you manifest a practical solution that fits between common sense (for stability) and excitement (for passion). It enables you to map out the suitable path that maintains a balance between your heart and mind. 

  • Color: There are many colored calcites; this one, in particular, is orange with deep yellow-orange shades.
  • Chakra: It’s linked to sacral and solar plexus chakra, both enhancing sexual drive, boosting energy, and powering productivity. 

When to use Calcite? It can be used when you are low on creativity, ideas, and colorful approaches. When life seems dull and unbalanced, calcite crystal will rewind your methods. 

9. Aventurine—the third eye-opener

green aventurine crystals

Molded with warm tones of green and golden, Aventurine is the stone for vision. We forget to acknowledge things that matter to us, our soul, and our mind with the ever-fast life. Aventurine resets your focus to things that matter. For instance, it helps you see forth the procrastination and towards the beautiful journey and the goal. 

  • Color characteristics: It has shades of ocean green, ocean blue-green, light green contrasting with white. The white in the composition can depend on the location and how it was formed. 
  • Chakra alignment: Aventurine is linked with the heart chakra. It leads you to compassion and hope.
  • Sourced from: India, Spain, Russia, etc

When to use the stone: Use calcite to reset your focus on things that matter, or when you feel lost and lack perception towards certain things. Employ it when you feel disordered and separated from contentment. 

10. Pyrite

The crystal for luck, abundance, and prosperity, Pyrite is the spiritual form of gold, only darker and more appealing. The stone manifests luck and good news. Anciently known as the stone for protection, this crystal shields you from negativity, destructive mindset, and bad energies. 

  • Appearance: Pyrite is golden-copper in color and has a unique, desirable raw form. 
  • Chakra: Linked to solar plexus chakra, Pyrite intuits prosperity. 
  • Sourced from: Italy, Spain, Montana, Vermont, etc.

When to use Pyrite stone? Sometimes, you have to leave it in luck. If it’s meant for you, it will reach you, and pyrite stone will either block it or unblock it, depending on your inner voice. It’s the stone to attract health, wealth, and luck.  

You can leave yours in your car, room, or at the entrance of your home! Get yours here. 

11. Clear Quartz—New beginnings

This is my one of my favorite crystals for motivation. Like the ice glaciers of the earth, Clear Quartz is majestic and unearthly. It diminishes bad energy and stimulates a positive aura. Clear quartz is associated with killing off negativity and freeing bad energy. It teaches the art of letting go. With this stone beside you, you can let go of the old pattern and commence something more worthwhile. 

Clear quartz helps you get rid of bad habits—let it be procrastination, spontaneous excuses, old (bad) routine. It helps establish a newer lookout and plan for something wholly unpredictable but positive. 

Additionally, clear quartz gives us confidence in newer things, ideas, and work. 

  • Color appearance: Like the ice, clear quartz is milky white with partial opaqueness. It can have different percentages of clearance and ambiguity, but all look beautiful and positive. 
  • Chakra: crown chakra for balance and wisdom. 
  • Sourced from: Brazil, Madagascar, Japan, etc

When to use it? Use it when you are starting a new journey, relationship, project/for any fresh decision. When you want to start fresh and get rid of the old pattern, use the stone.

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How to use these healing crystals for motivation?

Crystals change the direction of your thoughts, energy, and aura. While you are magic yourself, these eleven healing crystals will increase your capabilities and will help you focus on your goals, motivation, and orientation. They act like rebellious yet beautiful reminders of manifestation. 

Hold on to these crystals close to yourself and your aura. Their visuals and beautiful color contrast will remind you of nature and will bring you close to concentration. Here are a couple of ways to use these crystals for motivation: 

  • As body ornaments/jewelry: Jewelry is the closest to your body’s chakra. The connection between the body, its heat, and earth elements has magical powers. Keep your stones close to you as bracelets, anklets, rings, tiara, necklaces, etc. Try to align your stone with the chakra’s location on your body to increase your energy.

For instance, use Amethyst as a simple tiara (to align with third-eye and crown chakra) with one-two tiny beads embedded in it. It’s optional, though. 

  • In your room/office: If you do not like jewelry, you can decorate the stones all around your room for positive energy throughout the place. Make sure you are frequented with that room to feel the energy. Compliment the stones with incense or candles for adding fragrance and fire element. 
  • Yoga or meditation: Surround the yoga mat with these healing crystals for motivation and meditate. The energy will surround your mat.

You can get your yoga mat here, if you don’t already have one.

  • Massage with gemstone: Choose stones for all your seven chakras and position them correctly. Choose a masseuse who knows how to align stones with the body for energy. 
  • Hold them when talking to yourself or worshipping: Stones will activate their energy upon hearing chants, hymns, and self-assuring conversation. 
  • Relax with your stone in nature. Take a stroll in the forest or greenery, relish in the fresh air, listen to nature’s sound, and manifest the rocks together. 

Every stone is different, with its own benefits and characteristics. For jewelry, use tiny beads of the crystal(20-30+-). For pocket and carrying around purposes, choose at least 4-10 medium-sized crystals. For room purposes, purchase bigger ones.

Conclusion—Do crystals for motivation really work?

When you believe in something, it’s bound to cross your path. A positive physical or mental change can rewire your brain and help you shift your attention to something more substantial. 

That’s how introductory human psychology works; what you believe, you manifest. We can believe that a re-decor will help us study better, so be it. Manifestation and changing the way you think changes the trajectory of your life. Crystals and yoga help you achieve this level of thinking.

Now, imagine these crystals present with the power of mother earth—everything’s magic if you believe so. Crystals hold the beauty of the world, moon, the sun, the universe, and beyond. It focuses your attention and pulls you into undivided meditation. 

Maybe these crystals for motivation do work, maybe not. Perhaps they work when alinged with you. You never know until you try it personally. Hold the crystal or use it as meditation and focus. Nature helps you analyze your unfocused thoughts. 

Surround yourself with earthly power, crystals being one of them. It’s not voodoo, but you can consider it a source, a gateway to manifest and calm your unfocused mind. 

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