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Motivation to Keep Going —11 ways to not Lose Hope!

There are always some days in our life when we feel stagnant and do not want to continue the course of action, or the days when we just wonder if we could skip these recurring chores for a few moments! We’re tired of the routine with little motivation to keep going.

Such feelings hinder us from pursuing primary duties enthusiastically or simply make us procrastinate our dreams all the time. 

The scenario mentioned above resembles a case of inertia that you may have heard in your high school. It states that “a physical object at rest will always remain at rest unless an external force is applied to it.”

Similar to the case of inertia, ‘motivation’ is that force which moves us or dislodge our stagnant mode. Though, the motivational force can be either intrinsic or extrinsic.

In simpler words, if you feel motivated for work because you enjoy doing it, you can term it as intrinsic motivation. On the contrary, if you feel motivated for a particular job because it is rewarding and incentive-driven, then it can be categorized as extrinsic motivation.

Whether the motivation is extrinsic or intrinsic, this motivational force ignites our being and guides us to take corresponding actions to fuel its flame. 

So, how do you trigger the motivation to keep you going? How to deal with being stuck in a rut situation? How to hang in there when life is taking a toll on you? Well, here are some exclusive tips that will help you continue the track, irrespective of the circumstances.

1. Set a vision for life

“If you have no vision of yourself in the future, then you have nothing to live for.”

 — Les Brown

Goals play a vital role in a person’s life: 

  • They offer something to take inspiration from.
  • Thinking about goals gives you hope, encouragement, and positivity.
  • The presence of goals drives you to take concrete actions.

It has been noted that people with high goals perform better in their lives and feel more satisfied than people with no or vague goals. 

According to a study from ResearchGate, a few uneducated and unskilled laborers were given the task of cutting pine trees all over the southern United States. Unfortunately, the job was very tiring and mundane that made all the workers lose interest quickly.

A few people were again given the goal to cut the same pine trees. However, this time they were asked to track their progress through the tally meter. 

The results were startling, as the people who were provided with goals performed better. Their attendance was also comparatively higher than those who were not provided with any goal.

Goals give you a purpose, a challenge, and a direction to reach the final destination within a time limit. 

  • Set a significant goal for your future and allot a deadline too.
  • Then, dismantle the bigger goal in small fragments as milestones; the attainment of small peaks will keep your interest engaged.
  • Give priority to one milestone at a time, as multitasking or procrastination creates ambiguity and reduces work efficiency.

Hence, to keep yourself motivated and zealotic, you must fix a high vision for life. It will suppress the negative emotions and work as a booster dose for pushing you forward despite the obstacles.

2. Make workout an integral part of routine

It has been revealed that each workout and exercise induces the pituitary gland to release endorphins chemicals, also known as ‘feel good’ chemicals. These chemicals help in alleviating stress and stimulating euphoria. 

If you include exercise as an integral part of your life, it can help elevate your mood, improve sleep patterns, and uplift creative and cognitive thinking abilities. Sum up all the advantages, and you will analyze that all these factors are imperative in improving the state of mind and assisting in moving forward.

  • Schedule a time of exercising, running, or any other physical activity on your time blocking app. 
  • Perform at least 20-30 minutes of aerobics or anaerobic exercise daily.
  • Join an exercise club, Zumba, or gym, since exercising in a group brings out more profound results.

Neuropsychopharmacology researchers concluded that going for moderate-intensity exercises instead of high-intensity exercises stimulates a euphoric state. In contrast, a high-intensity workout can lead to tiredness, irritation, and sudden loss of energy.

Keep it easy and steady! 

3. Being happy is the key

“The talent for being happy is appreciating and liking what you have, instead of what you don’t have.” —Woody Allen

Recall the times when you had procrastinated on your work or weren’t just feeling like doing it! Needless to say, during that time, your mood may not have been at the best, which somehow reciprocated in your work life.

This is why, feeling good at everything you do is the most undervalued but important thing for keeping yourself motivated in life. 

  • Surround yourself with the right peers, who match your mentality and offer an optimistic and cheerful aura.
  • Use your leisure time wisely, listen to your favorite music, or indulge in the tasks that appeal to you, like painting, craft, cooking, etc.
  • Aromatherapy is effective in improving mood swings and has calming effects. For instance, you can use an essential oil diffuser at your workplace and home to assist you in unwinding after a tough day.

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  • It’s good to occasionally stroll in the vicinity of nature when you feel stuck or a bad mood strikes.

How to feel good is something very personal. What makes you feel better may not necessarily work for everyone as well. So, figure out what makes you happy, and relish those things whenever the low vibration entraps you.

4. Be secretive about your motives

Be it a new business model, participating in a tough contest, or kicking off a new diet plan, mere thinking about these goals can fill you with lots of excitement. But, it’s advisable that you play your cards close to your chest, that is, be secretive about your motives. 

According to one school of thought, telling other people about your visions or motives tricks your mind into thinking that you have already achieved the goal. This illusionary turmoil works as a roadblock to your path that ultimately leads to putting in lesser efforts.

Therefore, whatever aims you have, ensure not being too vocal about it, even to the closest of your friends. Work in silence and show off your wins, when you finally make the cut.

5. Good Day Start is a game-changer

How you start your day sets the tone of your entire day. If you start your morning sluggishly, you will seek the same pattern throughout the day. 

On the other hand, if the outset of your day begins in a pepped-up state, chances are you will end up feeling thrilled all day long. Here are three tactics to kick start your day ardently. 

  1. Remind yourself about your aim or vision every morning, and affirm the good things about yourself and the future. 
  2. Secondly, be grateful for everything you have, including life, job, family, and also for all the good things that are coming your way.
  3. Lastly, assign yourself tasks and a To-Do list for a better productivity rate.

Divide your day time with tasks, breaks, sleeping time, workout time, unwinding time, etc. Hold yourself accountable for your routine, and make sure you stick to it and keep updating it. 

Ensure your To-Do list isn’t too lengthy; it should have less than seven listings for proper work & time division. When you have more than seven listings, the extended size of the list may overwhelm you, making you disinclined in completing them all. 

The time blocking will keep you engaged and will minimize the feeling of boredom. Also, proper time management makes the day fuss-free and adds value to your rhythm of moving forward.

6. The right mentors can pump you up 

When you are in turmoil or when the chips are down, nothing can ginger you up like good partners and mentors can.

You should always stay in touch with the people who make you feel good, who are optimistic, who nurture your motivation, who are zealotic, and who have been through the same phases as you are. Other than assisting you to get out of the humdrum, their mere presence in your life can help you feel better. 

Additionally, you can also buddy up with a partner and share goals of gymming, dieting, working, studying, etc. The plus point of such collaboration is that when you start losing interest and feel like you do not want to continue, your partner will help you stay on track. 

Having a partner with the same motives is beneficial, as we find inspiration from each other, get a booster dose periodically, and the chances of quitting the goals reduce significantly. 

7. Breaks are the natural rejuvenator

One of the best approaches to dislodge stagnancy from your life is to freshen up your mind using positivity breaks.

The breaks rejuvenate your body and mind, raise analytical and creative thinking capability, and effectively bring back your old passionate self.

Plan a vacation, or choose something from your favorite to-do list.

  • Book a meal at your favorite restaurant. 
  • Go for a walk.
  • Cook a new recipe from a different cuisine.
  • Go for scuba or skydiving.
  • Have a new hairstyle or tattoo you always wanted to have.
  • Create DIY artwork or craft.

You can experiment with a multitude of things that can assist you in bringing your zeal back and help you get rid of stagnancy.

8. Draw inspiration but don’t compare

Thanks to today’s competitive era, feeling unworthy or low self-esteem has become a common issue that causes people to retrograde from their tracks. 

To tackle such situations, here are a few handy tips:

  • Never compare yourself with others, be it for looks, financial status, or job. 
  • Everyone works and progresses at their own pace. 
  • Nevertheless, the person may look quite popular with thousands of followers on their social media handles, but remember, the grass looks greener over the fence; similarly, you are just aware of the half side of the coin. 
  • Never feel discouraged by tracking other’s progress or fan following.
  • If you think social media is draining your motivation, it’s wise to skip it for a couple of days.

Remember, life is an amalgam of ups and downs; do not let the tendency of self-loathing and low self-esteem let yourself down. Appreciate your small accomplishments, no matter how tiny they are. Hold yourself accountable for making your inner self feel good and worthy.

9. Pursue a job that appeals to you

If you are pursuing a job that is either very daunting, nerve-racking, or uninteresting, the chances are you will run out of steam eventually.

According to a study published at the University of Southern California, people who enjoy their jobs are more optimistic, motivated, fast learners, make fewer mistakes, and have better productivity. 

Therefore, find a job that you feel passionate about. Such a job will keep you happier and motivated for the long haul. 

But, do ensure that you can make a living with this passionate job. Though it’s okay if you are earning low comparatively, yet the wage should be sufficient enough to make a living. 

There is a concept of Ikigai that came from Japan; it refers to the “life worth living” or ‘life’s purpose’ so that you can lead a happy life. The concept is illustrated with the Venn diagram. Here you should find out the overlapping part of the circles that include: 

  • what you love doing (your passion), 
  • what you are good at (your skills), 
  • what the world needs (the scope), and
  • what you can get paid for (the wages). 

Once you find the job stream that includes all these aspects, you will likely witness a happy, joyous, and purposeful life.

10. Inevitable power of music

Music is therapeutic in nature; it gives out the thrill that helps you chill. So, whenever the leatheriness and boredom set in, just plug in your ear pods, and let the enticing beats of the music do wonders for you. 

One philosophy states that different music has a unique effect on our mind; that is, our mind perceives and responds to each music type in a specific way. 

For instance, 

  • Rock music renders a burst of zeal and energy. Hence you can incorporate it while working out. 
  • Jazz music minimizes stress and helps in completing projects before the deadline.
  • Classical music stimulates creativity; hence it can be used while doing artistic work. 
  • The calm instrumental tracks or binaural beats playing in the background are great for high concentration. 
  • Pop music is prized for its motivating and inspiration-inducing effects.

Therefore, whenever you feel stuck, be it a job, daily chores, or an emotional breakup, select the best genre of music and see how the beats will set your mood magically.

11. Healthy lifestyle steps up the game

“To ensure good health: eat lightly, breathe deeply, live moderately, cultivate cheerfulness, and maintain an interest in life.” —William Londen

Your lifestyle routine is the basic foundation of a happy and motivated state of mind. All your habits including eating habits, slumber routine, etc., affect you not only physically but also mentally. 

If you are deprived of proper rest or consistently devouring an unhealthy diet, it will be reciprocated in the form of frequent mood alterations, low productivity, and degraded enthusiasm for life and goals.

  • Ensure taking proper sleep of 7-8 hours per day.
  • Involve healthy whole grain food in your diet, avoid processed and refined foodstuffs.
  • Fix your sleep and mealtime, and never let your slumber go for a toss. 

A healthy lifestyle plays a starry role in a purposeful life, and it also keeps mental and physical barriers at the bay.

Bottom Line 

As the saying goes—life is never a straight line, and you will always keep getting peaks and valleys from time to time. Irrespective of the circumstances, the strong willpower and willingness to find motivation to keep going make a person stand out.

Therefore, remember to: 

  • Find a significant aim as a solid purpose of living 
  • Let the music and small breaks offer you little escapes from your routine from time to time
  • Allow the “good mentors and To-Do list” to guide you in every step.
  • Never forget to give yourself enough reasons to feel happy and optimistic all the time, since feeling good is the most essential thing to keep moving forward.
  • Renounce your social media platforms for a while, in case they impact you negatively.

The run of bad luck may set upon you or several pitfalls may daunt you, but always remember to give yourself hefty breaks, self-love, self-compassion, and passion.

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